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About Us

Creative Noise

We are a company based in Salem, Oregon, a family business and trade in unusual musical instruments that reflect age-old cultures of the countries where these instruments originated. We love what we do; we have long been admirers of the musical talent that created such original instruments that appear so uncomplicated and yet can create a seemingly limitless array of rhythms. How they have developed over the centuries is fascinating until they have become a marvel of mankind’s innovative and creative genius. Their appeal is enduring; they have survived decades of conflict and centuries of history and instead of being antiquated relics from the past, they remain as popular as ever and are used throughout the world.

When you study the pictures, you will be surprised by the advanced construction of the African drums and their indescribable potential. Once you purchase one of these, you will find that you can spend hours of untold pleasure and will amaze yourself with your own creativity. Your imagination will be the only limit to what you will be able to achieve.

The instruments themselves will never look out of place, no matter what your colour scheme or décor and it will be impossible for guests to ignore them. They will become the centre of attraction and maybe your love of such instruments will become infectious.

Our Aim

We want to share with you our fascination, not only for music but for the multi-rhythmic sounds of these unusual African drums and the unique and unmistakable sounds of the didgeridoos. Instead of relying on hi-tech, synthesised music that can be so jarring, churning out a cacophony of sounds which are neither relaxing nor pleasant, you can now enjoy the endless possibilities achievable just by you and your instrument.

You may have had an idea of something primitive and basic in your mind, but you will find our range of drums a real eye-opener. Their shapes, sizes, colours, construction and capabilities will amaze you. They require no prior knowledge of music, just a love of rhythm and your own creativity. They use no power except your energy; they take up little space and you will astound yourself with the endless rhythms you will be able to create.

It is our genuine hope that you will come to share our enthusiasm and that you will find pleasure in stressful times by frequent use of these exciting instruments. Many have described them as stressbusters and find that the more you use them, the more you will want to use them. Stop surfing the net; stop watching television and start beating a drum. Some of our clients play music in the background and play along on the drum, creating their own accompaniments and arrangements. Not a few have regularly recorded themselves and have found themselves singing along as well, feeling thoroughly relaxed in the process.

Brew yourself a coffee, take time to browse the site, study the photographs and watch the videos. You will find a growing desire to own one of these rare instruments; it will be your very own; maybe you’ll give it a name and it will be a friend for years to come.